Vintage Engines

Packard-1237-Engine-left-side-webEagles Mere Air Museum has amassed a large collection of vintage engines. We are excited to have these engines on display for this summer’s museum days. We are working hard at getting these engines cleaned up and put on display stands. Be sure to look for them on your visits to the museum this summer.

Here is a partial list of Engines. At this writing, we are still unpacking and setting up the engines.

  • Kinner B1
  • Heath
  • Curtiss OX 5
  • Curtiss OX 6
  • Hisso
  • Liberty
  • Gnome
  • Le Rhone 80
  • Harroun 8
  • Sturavent
  • Curtiss V2
  • Curtiss K12
  • Wells Adams
  • Kemp
  • Lenape Papoose
  • Lenape Experimental
  • Aeronca E113c
  • Michigan Rover
  • Cleone
  • Lawrence
  • Long Harlequin
  • Tank Brothers air cooled v-8—based off Curtiss OX5
  • 1910 Aeronautical Construction Company- Detroit
  • 1910 Elbridge
  • Ranger V-770
  • American Cirrus Mark III
  • Menasco D-4-87 Super Pirate
  • Gnome 50HP
  • Giberson
  • Anzani
  • Thomas Morse

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